01) User Interface

IDE for batch batch to exe compile batch

Concentrating on the ease of use, Batch Compiler has a very simple, yet powerful interface. So you can learn yourself, as you use it. Batch Compiler makes sure that even a newbie finds their work easy. With these unique features; QCI tool bar, Intellisense and On-mouse Help, Label Sidebar and QC Pane, Batch Compiler makes coding easy and interesting for you.

02) Compiler


Batch Compiler has the most versatile bat to exe converter on the planet. With all the features mentioned above we make sure you get the finest end result.

03) Debugger

debug batch files debug bat script bebug bat bat error batch code check

For the first time in batch scripting, Batch Compiler introduces a debugger for batch files.This built-in debugger checks your scripts for syntax errors while you typing code as well as openning new scripts, running scripts and compiling scripts.This feature reduces the manual debugging time and make your work much easier and faster!

04) Intellisense

batch code check guess batch code easy write batch

This is a feature that almost every user enjoys.No matter you are a pro or a newbie, intellisense is always interesting.What is this "intellisense" then? Well, when you're coding, Isn't it boring when you have to type all those commands every time you use them? yes we know.So, intellisense remembers all those commands/sytax/snippests and suggest them as a context menu while you are typing.As soon as you type two letters in your script, intellisense sugget you a list of commands.You can use arrow keys to select and press Enter key / double click on them to insert into the script.

05) On-mouse Help

batch file help bat convert help bat to exe help

Open a script.Focus your mouse pointer on any command.That's the On-mouse Help.But make sure you're on the New-bee mode.Wanna have a clear image? Okay.When you focus on a command, Batch Compiler shows it's usage, description and syntax as a tool tip balloon.If you are a new-bee trying to understand someone else's code, this is the best solution!

06) Graphic Wzard

advance bat files graphics in bat draw graphics in batch files

This is an introducing feature for batch scripts.With the Graphic Wzard you can draw graphics inside batch files(command prompt).All you have to do is, draw your graphics using Graphic Wizard and insert the commands generated by it to the workspace.And the best part is you can make colorful animations using this method!

07) Label Sidebar

label-side-bar subroutine labels batch label bat label

Once you load a script to the workspace, Batch Compiler iterate through each line and list all internal labels in the script.So this "Label Sidebar" contains all those labels in a tree view.When you click on each label, cursor automatically navigates to the particular line.Isn't it cool? There's more.If you double click on a label, it will be bookmarked.Right click on it, bookmark is gone.

08) QC(quick compiler) Pane

qcpane quick compile bat to exe quick convert quick batch file compiler

Look at the right bottom corner of the workspace.That's the QC Pane. There are four compiling profiles which allow you to choose as desired.You can select your own icon but be advised that version info or resources WILL NOT BE INCLUDED in this mode.

09) Run Scripts

run bat files run batch edit run compile batch run while editing batch

Batch Compiler has a built in debugger.Hence you can run & debug your scripts while editing.

10) Report Bugs

report batch bug cmd to exe command line debug

Batch Compiler has a strong Error/Crash reporting system. If program crashes while working, "Send crash report" dialog will pop up. It is really appreciated if you can send us those error reports in order to help us developing the application. Having said that, if you feel like you want to make a suggestion, you can use "Report Bug / Suggestion" button in standard tool bar to send a direct e-mail to authors.

Check the Upgrade Pro section often because new features are always available.